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The Nearly-Empty Realm

Which, Somewhat Surprisingly, is Full of It

I got a degree in mechanical engineering, but I didn't like the work or my classmates or my co-workers. I'm a unix system administrator and bad programmer instead. Fewer people will die in fiery crashes or be killed by a pinball machine that way.

Moving is a pain in the ass.
"bob", 1up, 38911 basic bytes free, 4-bit computing, 4-wheeling, achewood, airplane!, amateur radio, animation, anycast, anything but that, bach, backfeeding, because we should, bicycling, biking, bob the angry flower, bogomips, chiptune, cinelerra, circuit bending, colbert, combined law of thermodynamics, commodore 64, copyleft, copyright, cults, cycling, dan aykroyd, debian, deep 13, defenestration, dirty jobs, do not eat, don't call me shirley, electric vehicles, erfworld, extra ball, fast fourier transform, fcc part 15, flatus, fnord, for amusement only, for external use only, four-wheeling, freezepop, fsck, george gershwin, getting up too early, habeas corpus, halfpixel, ham radio, han shot first, harry potter, high voltage, hybrid synergy drive, id software, imogen heap, impulse response, insert coin, long memory, midi, mister rogers, mister wizard, mod files, mp4, mst3k, multiball, mythbusters, nin, no-fly list, not a racist but, not a toy, not a typewriter, not dying, not getting fired, off-roading, opengl, operation infinite justice, order of the stick, pantograph, papers please, penny arcade, perl, photography, pinball, pitch shifting, predicting doom, press start, pvp, qrp, quadrosexagesimal, ragtime, renewable energy, replay, retrocomputing, road trips, rtfm, saving money, scott joplin, security, severe weather, silent but deadly, slam tilt, slavery is freedom, snow crash, solar power, source programmable guidance, spies like us, stability control, stark fist, starslip crisis, staying the course, staying up all night, strong encryption, subgenius, surveillance, swimming, synthpop, techno, ted's drinking problem, terrorists have already won, the addams family, the red candy-like button, they are us, third rail, tilt, tom the dancing bug, tv's frank, typographical errors, underclocking, unix, unix-haters, very small rocks, violence solves everything, vocoder, void where prohibited, voiding warranties, war is peace, war with eurasia, we do not torture, wikiwanking, wind power, worse is better, xkcd, xscreensaver, yamaha synthesizers, zero day, zucker abrahams zucker